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Parkzone Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IIB
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Price: £136.99 £105.00

Product Code: SUPY9

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Product Information

The Parkzone Spitfire is based on the earlier Mk.2 Spitfire that played a pivotal role during the Battle Of Britain. Everything you need to fly is included in the box.

NOW AVAILABLE - SONIC COMBAT MODULE!  Click here for more information.

Ok, so this model is a bit more serious than some of our smaller 'novelty' planes, so it's probably for the slightly more advanced pilot.  Desptie it being pretty darned rugged, there's a good chance you'll break it at some point, but good news!  Spares are readily available, and they're really good value.  Besides, you'll have a lot of fun breaking it.  Especially if you and a friend invest in the sonic combat module...

Everything needed to get this Spitfire in the air  is included in the box, making this model a true “one box” purchase. The model, flight battery, car charger are all included and the transmitter has two switchable modes, one giving a softer more sedate flying model and the second giving the Spitfire a fully aerobatic scale performance. You really can pull this out of the box and be ready to fly in 40 minutes!

Access to the flight battery is via an easy to use battery hatch with a magnetic lock, so there is no need to take off the wing between flights making the Spitfire ready to “scramble” at a moments notice.

The most exciting feature of this model is the new ZX10 radio system with 10-bit 1024 step processing. It uses industry standard three wire servos with a six-channel receiver fitted in the model and a transmitter with servo reversing switches, whilst looking similar to earlier Parkzone transmitters, the ZX10 has a dynamic new look to compliment the state of the art electronics.

If you want to experience the thrills of fighter plane action, low strafing runs, and glorious victory rolls, this Spitfire is the model to have!

There are 6 channels available - if you want to fly with a friend, just let us know what channel you require when you check out.

Tech Specs

Wingspan: 1000mm (39.5 inches)
Length: 850mm (33.5 inches)
Weight: 790gm (28 ounces)
Speed control: Power FET proportional ESC/receiver
Motor: 480 Power with gearbox
Radio: 3 channel (proportional) fitted
Servos: Two removable 3 wire servos
Trim Scheme Colors: Dark earth and green camouflage
Prop Size: 10 x 8
Recommended Battery: 9-cell 10.8V 1000mAh Ni-MH
Aileron: Proportional
Elevator: Proportional
Throttle: Proportional
Approx. Flying Duration: 15 minutes
Approx. Assembly Time: 10-15 minutes
Gear Ratio: 3:1
Transmitter Range: 2500 feet (762m)
Available Frequencies: 6 frequencies on 27MHz
X-Port: Equipped with X-Port connector, but there’s no external port, so minor modifications will need to be made to the fuselage.
Charger: Variable rate DC peak - charges 5-10 cell Ni-MH batteries

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