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Our wing things, us, and a re-enactment of the classic Top Gun volleyball scene.  And a monkey with a banana.

Well, it all started with a conversation, naturally. "Fancy making some cool clothing with a gliding theme?" Anyway, it all seemed like more fun than your average day job, so ahead we went.

One of our aims is to make glider pilots look cool. Ok, ok!! We know glider pilots are cool people, but that doesn't mean you couldn't look just a little more stylish occasionally, does it? Fairly soon the rest of sporting aviation will rejoice as we expand our range for you!

We also figured that the other thing all pilots are in desperate need of is more flying toys - for those times when they can't fly their "bigger" flying toys.  Well, rest assured that if you buy any of our flying toys that they have been through a rigourous testing program, and only the best of the toys get through.  Just... try not to break them eh?

Although, if you do have a particularly spectacular crash with one of your wing things, why not drop us an email with photographic evidence?  We promise not to laugh.  Much.

If you don't find anything you like in the shop, how about letting us know what might interest you? If you have something particular in mind, why not contact us?







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